About Me

Hello, I’m Amauris (Ah-Mow-Rees), a easier way to pronounce my name! I’m an New York-based Wedding and Portrait photographer and have been behind the camera since 2011 professionally. I am currently taking a Wedding & Portrait photography course at NYIP - New York Institute of Photography, to learn better the inside and outs of the Wedding business.
I have been absolutely in love with capturing moments ever since I got my first camera, a Canon Rebel T3i. Every aspect of photography thrills me. From chatting with couples about their future dreams to witnessing that first kiss as husband and wife, my job allows me to connect with my clients in a special way that is unique to being a photographer. It's the small moments during a shoot that make me realize that I truly have the best job in the world. 

Who I Was and Am Today

My style when I began photographing was.. None! I had no style yet and was going to begin a journey that will make me grow and discover myself and style that I want to achieve that will identify as my own. Just like any photographer, I started to learn how my camera works, composition, rules of thirds, etc.. Once I learned the main points to capturing an image, I first learned how to shoot in M-Manual. This was a task that I put my main focus on, because I would shoot in Auto, like any average joe who has a camera. Once I learned how to change my ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture, my mind took over and the love for photography grew. The more I learned about my camera, the more I was figuring out my style.
My first main style is natural light. I believe that I have mastered this style, for me. When I shoot, people already know that it's my work and if they didn't know, well, they know now. Once I was discovered in 2015 with my style, I started getting booked for weddings here and there. For me, it wasn't really overwhelming, but it was journey that I was loving along the way. Not being scared of the settings of my camera and making it work to the max has made me a better photographer to not be scared of shooting in certain settings for, that's why it is there in the first place. 

Adding To my Style

By this I mean, Off Camera Flash!!! Something that every photographer is scared to learn once they have mastered natural lighting. It's a whole new ball game with using artificial lighting. Learning how to create my own light, in situation where the lighting is bad or no lighting at all, is one of the hardest things to learn. This is something, to me, that is a task at every wedding reception. Figuring out how to better it every wedding, switching it up and having a Plan B if the new Plan A doesn't go as plan. It's something that you learn along the way, also with learning what gear would work best for those situations, but learning as you go is the best part of it all. That is why I love what I do and capturing every wedding moment, life milestones and happiness all around me. Adding artificial light is a plus for me, so that I can offer more than one style and be a versatile photographer. It'll be a challenge along the way to learn easier techniques for me, but it'll be a fun one that I do with passion every day in and out. 
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